The Storm

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Marriage Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Storm is a portrayal of sexually oppressed and the displeasurement in marriage of women of the late 1800’s. Kate Chopin was born in the mid 1800’s, an independent widow after her husband’s death, voiced her opinion for women who were oppressed by marriage. The Storm was not published until late after her death, due to its severe sexual content at the time. This time period helps the reader’s mind delve into the mindset of women without rights to express sexual desires. Would The Storm make a good film? I don’t think The Storm would make a good film because there is not an enticing climax, the dialog is lacking substance, and the story is not an interesting subject for this present day.

Chopin uses the storm to portray the sexual tension between the characters Calixta and her former lover, Alcee. As Calixta is doing her chores, a symbol of her sexual restraint, she is unaware of an approaching storm. When the storm finally nears she scrambles to retrieve the drying garments outside before the rain ruins them. Alcee then appears at her door asking for refuge within her house. At this point it is understood that Calixta, while still having feelings for Alcee, is going to commit adultery despite being bound by marriage. Chopin describes the tense encounter by saying, “His voice and her own startled her as if from a trance.” Calixta then moves toward the window staring out it watching the ferocious storm of harsh winds, heavy rain and cracks of lightning. Chopin added that description to inform the audience about Calixta’s current feelings with the situation she is facing and her efforts to resist the urge at the moment. Soon after, Alcee closely embraces Calixta implying he wants to make love to her. At this point The Storm is a disappointment as a film, the audience would be walking out of the theater because there is no suspense to the events that take place in such a short time. The climax comes to a peak too early and falls off the cliff...
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