“the Stolen Boat as an Autobiographical Poem”- an Essay

Topics: The Prelude, William Wordsworth, John Milton Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: June 24, 2013
“The Stolen Boat as an autobiographical poem”- An essay

The excerpt, “From the Prelude” has been taken from William Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem, ‘The Prelude’, which consists of fourteen books. This poem has been taken from Book I, the subtitle of, “From the Prelude”, and it is written in blank verse in which the poet has recorded his early life. In this book, the poet records the different stages by which his love for Nature underwent a change. As a child, the poet had an animal love of Nature. When he grew up, this love was changed into sensuous love of Nature. The poet learnt to love and enjoy the different colours, shades, smells, and sounds of Nature. When the poet became mature, he developed a spiritual love for Nature. Wordsworth said “Nature is our friend, philosopher and guide. Nature never betrays the heart that loved her. Nature kindles noble ideas in our heart and checks our evil impulses.” This poem mainly talks about, one of his memorable incident of his childhood.  In the chosen poem, Wordsworth has shown how his love of Nature was developed. Wordsworth’s childhood days were spent in the midst of beautiful sights and sounds of Nature. As a child, Wordsworth looked upon Nature as a source of a scene for pleasure like skating, riding, fishing and walking. Wordsworth was more concerned with the physical aspect of Nature.

Wordsworth developed a passion for the sensuous beauty of Nature. The French Revolution opened his eyes and made him realize the dignity of common man. During this period his love of Nature became linked with the love of man. The revolution humanized his soul and built him into a poet of man. The French Revolution taught Wordsworth that every human being was intrinsically great and capable of infinite development. The elementary feelings, the essential passions of the heart are at their purest and simplest, he found, in humble and rustic life. These are the powers in human nature which are like the primal energies of...
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