The Steps for International Students to Apply US College

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The Steps for International Students to Apply US College
Nowadays, according to the value of US degree, more and more international students come to USA for college. Otherwise, the facilities in the school, the variety of programs, the diversities of the cultures are also the reasons which US colleges attract plenty international students (Advantage). If the student considers go abroad, he should start preparing as soon as possible. Because as the international student, he may need more time prepare than the local students. To get the permission from college, students need to take the US graduation test. Today, most college in USA admit ACT or SAT score. SAT has three parts, which lasts about 3 hours. SAT I including 3 parts, Critical reading, Writing and Math. Each part worth 800 points, that means the total score should be 2400 points. SAT II is a subject test; students can pick the subjects he likes. Some colleges like Massachusetts Institute of Technology will ask students to show the SAT II Math and Science scores (About SAT). ACT is another American graduation test which has 5 parts, English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning and writing. Each part worth 36 points and the total score count for average score (Description). To prepare these tests, the educational experts suggest student to set a goal, and then improve American English. Students need to focus on their own weaknesses and work on understanding context. Also, the SAT and ACT website offers a question every day for preparation, using these resources can help improve scores too. Finally, personal feeling can affect the result. If possible, students are suggested to take multiple tests (prep tips). Besides those two graduation tests, International Students still need the language tests. IELTS and TOEFL are two common language tests in USA. And nowadays, some universities accept TOEFL score instead of SAT score (TOEFL). The two tests both have four parts, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking (IELTS). For these two tests, students should pay more attention to improving their English than the skill of solving the problems. Some college international students share their experience for how they improving their English. In their opinion, English cannot improve rapidly, it takes time. Most of them think “Tuning in to the Cartoon Network for shows like Powder-puff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory while living in Romania helped Barbu prepare for the listening component of the TOEFL” (3 tips). Also, like SAT and SAT, experts suggested students to take multiple language tests if it is possible. For apply the US colleges, students should have at least one recommend letter. So choose a good recommender is really important. The guiders suggest students to choose someone who knows them really well. Recommender should be familiar with student’s critical thinking, and understand his communication skill. After choose the recommender, students should talk with their recommender several times. Conversation should involve students’ dreams and ambitions. Before recommender writes the letter, he should know the student’s strength and weaknesses, the achievements and activities the student has. For students, they should provide a list of the application deadlines and the appropriate forms to their recommender. Besides that, students should be patient and give their recommender time (5 tips). After all the tests above, if the students still insist on going abroad for college, then how to choose college will be a serious problem to them. Nowadays, a lot of international students obsess the college rank. Mr. Buskirk suggests students use school rank as a guide, not the gospel (Defining). The personal ambitions are more important than the school rank. Before final decision, students are supposed to know what they want to do in college clearly. Another important fact for international students is the school fee. Different school has different price. Usually, the private...

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