The States Technological impact

Topics: World War I, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 16, 2014

The States Technological Impact
What Started as a European conflict turned into a global issue. World War I lasted for four years, 1914-1918. It is known at the war to end all wars. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia because of the assassination of their Archduke the European powers divided into two sides. The first side was known as the Triple Alliance made up Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The other side was called the Triple Entente of France, Great Britain, Russia, and later on the United States. Germany provoked the United States by declaring that "any merchant ships found in British territorial waters even those from neutral countries such as the United States, would be considered fair game. Germany knew the policy change would draw the United States into the conflict (40). Germany was right; the United States under President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany in the year 1917. Wilson cited Germany’s violation of its pledge to suspend unrestricted submarine warfare in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and its intercepted letter to Mexico urging it to ally itself against the United States. This war is different from all the past wars. For starters the war was a global war with all the major superpowers fighting with each other. Their imperialized forces in Africa, South America, and Asia all participated in this war. Another thing that made it different is the new technologies were submarines, tanks, flame throwers, poison gas, tracer bullets, air traffic control, hydrophones and pilotless drones. Some of these technologies used in World War I impacted the United States. Airplanes had been around for just a decade before World War I started. The aircraft's had clear potential to be used for combat applications as an aerial platform for guns and bombs. However there was no design that indicated how it would work. The U.S. Army first experimented with this by tying the gun to the plane, pointing the gun towards the ground the...
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