The State of Muisc Ministry in Fountain of Peace Baptist Church

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Martin Luther recognized the power of music saying... "Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through Music." We need to cherish this precious gift of music and use it to praise and glorify our God the Creator, Savior, and Sanctifier. It is evidence that “For many years, the music in the church has been debated a lot. First, the heart must be regenerated from its natural and sinful state and in total surrender to God,” Olabisi,(2006) There have been congregations who have built huge churches in a relatively short amount of time and have attributed the role of music as a leading factor in their growth. Others have avoided this trend and their music seems to be stuck in another era. In respect to this, “How should we view music in the evangelical church? What kind of music ministers are needed for today's church? And how should this be fleshed out in the life of the local church? The term “liturgy” is commonly associated with group worship.” Osbeck, (1971, p.180). Haven said so much on music as an essential instrument in ministry with evidences as seen in the scriptures. Ministry has also been examined above and various ways through which ministry can be carried out also with evidences and examples seen throughout the Bible. Therefore, music and ministry, a biblical counterpoint seeks to ascertain the fact that music and ministry cannot be separated. “Also, this seeks the fact that music ministry work hand in hand with their foundation and principles according to the truths revealed in the Holy Scriptures,” Johannson (1984, p. 7). The focus on the musical end of the service should be on congregational singing. Calvin rightly stated that the first choir is the congregation. This should be fleshed out by much corporate singing. Included should be songs of praise, confession, meditation, supplication, stewardship, dedication, thanksgiving or remembrance and dismissal. These songs do not have to be present in every worship service, but over the life of the church all should be found. The inclusion of all these forms will help the believer have a full worship experience before God and will aim at transformation of the believer These questions are necessary to be answered if the church is to fulfill its role for the glory of God. What is worship? It has been defined as “experiencing an awareness of God; to recognize his holiness and majesty and to respond in loving obedience to His leadership” Miller, (1993, p.21). Evangelical worship music should be both objective and subjective, expressing our awesome wonder and praise of God who is beyond our imagination and also our love of, and communion with, God in Jesus Christ who lives in us through the Holy Spirit.

The main aim of this work is to critically look into the state of music ministry in my church in respect to what has being happening before and the present situation of things. The Bible says, my people perish because of lack of knowledge. This work is intended to expand our horizon and open our eyes to see what make us better in our service to the Lord in the music department of the church using my church as a case study. Moreover, “According to an author, Psychology tell us that singing is a natural human behavior and is basically enjoyed by everyone.”Osbeck, (1971, p.60). I will look into the problems encountered in years past with what is happening now and bring out possible solutions to prevent such.

Singing in the Bible is not for personal pleasure nor for reaching out to the Gentiles with tunes familiar to them. It is to praise God by chanting His Word–a method known as "cantillation." Pleasure in singing comes not from a rhythmic beat that stimulates people physically, but from the very experience of praising the Lord. "Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praise to...

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