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The State of Black America

By 1348loo Aug 05, 2009 2137 Words
The State of Black America

As of today the state of Black America is at a place where there is a lot of work that has to be done. The Black America has made many strides in the right direction the community is still lacking in many ways. The black community is one that is not unified as it should be. Blacks don’t control the communities that they live in or have a real say so about what goes on in them. The black youth in America seems to have a plight that is continuously worsening.

The state of Black America has changed for the better in many ways and for the worst in some ways. It seems that some of the black community feels that we have made it when this is totally not the case. It’s like there have been many doors opened but we have yet to utilize what is on the other side of these door that have been opened. The point that black America stands at today must changed.

I feel that the black community is not unified as it should be. The family system in many black communities is almost non existent. The absence of the family system brings about a me against the world attitude that slows the progression and togetherness of the group as a hold. If the black community was more of a group fighting for the same cause there would be more steady progression within the group. Also the black community has big problems when it comes to the clashes between generations. The clashes keep different generations from working together instead they bash each other for there differences not realizing though they are not mirror images of each other they are alike in many ways. Another big problem in the black community is that when people become successful they run from the area that they grew up in. When many people do this they claim a false identity and forget about the struggles they overcome and how where they cam from made them stronger. When people make it and abandoned the old community they leave the leaders of tomorrow with less role model to look up so they are not familiar as many success stories as they should be. This must changed we need to not run from our community we need to stay and help build them up or at least contribute to them in some way shape or form for the greater of the leaders of the future.

In many cities across America where blacks live their neighborhoods are not owned or controlled by them. They are full of nail shops, dollar stores, gas stations and restaurants ran by foreigners and also patrolled by police who are outsiders. This is something that has to change black people must take back their communities from the outsiders. Black people need to take a step back to the time when Black Nationalism was popular. We must begin to support black business and become self sufficient and not dependent on people to feed, cloth, and police us. Once we accomplish this we will be better of and a step closer to having power in America.

The State of Black youth in America is one that is very disturbing. The black youth in America are behind in many different areas when compared to others. They have a higher dropout rate than other groups. Black youth that do attend school are subjected to learning in poorly equipped schools with teachers who are sometimes not qualified and don’t have the child’s best interest in hand. The problem with the education with the schools blacks attend is a big part of the problem with their success rate. Though more black kids are attending college they usually don’t finish because they were poorly prepared for the rigors of college at the lower levels of schooling. Many black youth are then left thinking that being truly successful is not in there future and turn to dead end jobs, illegal activity, or they joined the armed forces thinking that is the only way that they will be successful. They main problem that must be fixed is the gun violence that is taking place among black youth. Every time a kid is killed we lose to youth the one who is killed and the one that is lost in the prison system. In conclusion all blacks have to stand up for the good of the community. We all have to go out of our way for any change to come. We have to give back to our community when we make it. We must support black owned businesses. We will have to take back our community from the drug activity that causes so many fatalities. When the black community as whole decides to constantly work together for the greater good of the whole community we will eventually be able to honestly be proud of where we stand.

Majority Minority Districts

The use of black majority districts is beneficial for equal representation. While this concept is appreciated by many it isn’t liked by others. The process of carving out districts in order to benefit a certain party in voting is called gerrymandering which is a violation of voting law. Many people confuse this with the process of having majority minority districts. They are different because having majority black districts is for the good having equal representation in government which is a right. If majority minority black districts were not created blacks would have no real representation because they are usually spread across different districts and the numbers are not big enough for them to make changes using their votes because they are totally outnumbered. I feel that minority districts are needed and serve a good purpose. This a process that is totally not new but has been recently been stirring up controversy with districts around the country that were once minority districts. Minority districts give the black community a chance to be represented by someone that has their interest in mind. This is needed because politician’s job is to represent and speak for the people who have elected them. When you have districts were blacks are the minority they are often not represented by the official because they are not the reason that the person was elected so the official is usually working for the larger groups votes that really got them elected. This is why I say that the minority districts are a plus because if you have blacks split into districts where they are always the minority they will never have a real representation in government they will constantly be overlooked. Though minority districts may pull voters from some districts were they may be needed I think in many cases it is better to win more than takes chances on wining that are unlikely.

Although I agree that minority districts serve a good purpose when it comes to representation for minorities there are downfalls to this concept. The concept of minority districts helps minorities but it can take away from the party that they vote for which is the democratic party. This happens because minority voters are also democratic voters so when districts are reshaped the affect is that districts loose some of their democratic voters, which can also hurt the party when those votes are needed. Studies from the year of 1991 show that cause of majority minority districts that were shaped thirteen black representatives were elected. Studies show that from the years of 1992 1994 the previous gains came at a cost democrats lost democrats lost at total of ten seats to the republicans in the congressional elections. In conclusion I believe that while you gain from having minority districts you can loose. You may gain representatives along race lines but loose along party lines. I think the solution for this is that some districts may have to b reshaped to prevent the losses along arty lines, and voters will just have to make candidates live up to their promises and be held accountable for their actions in representing those who put them in office.

Justice System
The justice system in America is one that is failing the black community. Though blacks are only 13 of America’s population they account for 49 percent of those who are incarcerated. There are some states were there are more blacks that are in prisons than in the state itself. These are some very disturbing facts, however what is more disturbing is the laws that help these numbers exist. Other things that are disturbing are how blacks are treated when they are on the right side of the law. A large number of those blacks that are incarcerated are there for drug charges. Others are incarcerated for violent crimes. There are those black inmates who are in jail for crimes that don’t fit the punishment they receive, while others are in prison for crimes they did not commit at all. The main thing that must be noticed that many blacks end up in prison unfairly because of prejudice laws poor representation etc.

I do believe in do the time do the crime however I also believe in fair punishment across the board. It has been shown that often time’s a white person may receive probation for the same crime that a black person may be sent to prison for. There are many federal sentencing guidelines that were put into place to fight the so-called war on drugs. Many of these laws whether they were intended to or not have hurt blacks more than others. One of the laws is the difference in sentencing differences in offenses for crack cocaine, which is sold in poor areas, and powder cocaine, which is sold and used in wealthier neighborhoods. Dealing five grams of cocaine gets you five years while you would have to deal almost 500grams of powder cocaine to receive five years. Though the intent may never be known this other laws such as one that give a person more time for dealing drugs I a housing project clearly have a bigger affect on the black community.

The American justice system also fails blacks when it comes to public defenders representing a person when they cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Often many who are not guilty are incarcerated cause of this while others plea to charges they should not. Often times the public defenders have a caseload that is so high that don’t care or have time to really fight for their clients and give them the adequate representation they should be receiving. Leaving those who can’t afford a lawyer to make pleas that are not in their favor or go to trail in cases where they often times have no real chance of winning. There are cases where after years of a defendant being incarcerated they are found not guilty. This is something that is unacceptable. Often time’s blacks are convicted on testimony from people who are not credible, or because evidence in cases that has been hidden. These is unfair because this takes away year of a persons life and in return they are not willingly paid back. I think that if someone is wrongfully convicted the government should willingly pay them restitution they should not have bring about a civil case. I can in no way understand who you can rip apart someone’s life place them in a place where they have to live like an animal to survive and feel that a release from prison and an I’m sorry we made a mistake is adequate repayment for the time that person has lost. The justice system fails blacks again once they become a prisoner. When a person enters a prison they become a new person in order to survive or else they will be preyed upon. For those inmates who recognize their wrongs and want change there are no tools for that in most prisons, instead it’s an environment that teaches you to be more criminal. This environment effects the young blacks in prisons who may have been rehab able they go in as small time criminals and are harden an taught how to become a better criminal so once they are release they will constantly return. In conclusion the justice system is not one that favors blacks whether it is intentional or not. I have stated only a few reasons why the system hurt blacks but there are many more reasons. This is a relationship that continues to worsen even though there having been some changes in sentencing guidelines and other things there is a lot of work to be done to fix this problem.

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