The State-Centric Approach

Topics: United States, Osama bin Laden, Non-governmental organization Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Simon Dzhaparidze

Professor Omae

May 2, 2011

PLSC 220

The State-Centric Approach

International Organizations are formal institutional structures transcending national boundaries that are created by multilateral agreement among nation-states.  Their purpose is to foster international cooperation in areas such as security, law, economic and social matters and diplomacy. The world system has many factors that effect what happens in world Politics. One major explanation of this is the State-Centric approach where state-actors and the world system work together. This makes it so that everyone is accountable for their actions since all of the state-actors are on a world stage. Many events that happen in the world can also have other factors that can directly or indirectly be influenced by Non Governmental organizations.

One issue in the United States is controlling the U.S.-Mexico border and trying to contain the drug cartels out of America. One major problem that the U.S. is facing is that these drug cartels are not part of Mexican authority. They have no direct connection with the government of Mexico. Therefore they are not sponsored by the Mexican Government. On the other hand they are indirectly very involved with the Mexican Government. For example when someone in a Drug-Cartel run area tries to run for a political position and is not approved by the cartel they will not end up winning that position and if they do he or she will be forced out of office. Not, only will they not win the election, they can also be killed or harassed by the Drug Cartel. Recently I had read an article about how the Mexican Youth is being forced to join the drug cartels. It is very easy for the kids because the minimum wage in Mexico is so low only around 5 dollars a day. On the other hand the cartel can afford to give them around $100 to $150 a day. When they start getting kills they can make thousands a day. Another problem with this situation is that 35,000 people...
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