The Start of a New Life in the United States

Topics: Family, United States, Nursing Pages: 5 (916 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Quintana 1

Carmen R Quintana

ENC 0021

Instructor-Mathew L Cole

30 September 2010

The start of a new life in the United States

When I arrived to the United States, I was happy and exited to see my parents and

friends again. It was a new experience in my life. I had to learn a new language and work

at the same time. However, I was lucky with great opportunities of carrier and work,

which helped me to grow as a professional and as a better human been.

Furthermore, my mother had to come through another country. My sister came in

a similar way. In addition, my father came in a boat about ten years a go. I stayed in

Cuba with my grandfather until my dad became a citizen and he claimed me. It was a

long time of sadness without my family; I felt an extremely satisfaction being close to my

lovers one more time. Coming to this country had always been a dream that came truth
for me. My mother and sister were crying, and I hugged them very tied to me. My father

was joyful to see me as well. I have two little sisters that I met for the first time while we

were at the airport. Moreover, I felt blessed, my family means ample things to me.

Simultaneously, I felt a great joy to meet my childhood friends, I never imagined

that they would live in this country as well. Furthermore, they took me to a restaurant

where we recall many stories of when we were small and I had so much fun, it was an

Unforgettable moment. At that time some of them were working, others had kids and the

rest had been devoted only to study because their families financially supported them.

Moreover, each one had different stories, they told me their own experiences which I

always kept in mind because from that time began a new life for me in this great country.

Trough out the years, I still in touch with them. I think that friendship is like a plant that

while you attend it and take care of it, it grows grateful for the attention you have given

and therefore, it is faithful and it keeps always alive.

However, to live in the United States have been an unique experience for me. For

instance I had to learn a new language, this haven’t been easy at all. Can you imagine

being in an environment where you don’t understand what people are talking about? It is

sad and painful at the same time. For this reason, I decided to go to school. I met new

people, the teachers were friendly and professional in their classes. I learned the basic

Things of English but it wasn’t enough, I wanted to learn more. My first job was at

Wendy’s, I had to make sandwiches instead of being at the front desk helping the

customers due to my poor English. Sometimes, I felt power less and I wanted to quit

working because it was difficult to figure out my supervisor’s orders. Consequently, I

Moved to Tampa, where my sister lives; I found another job as a cashier at Publix, this

Work was challenging to me, but it helped me to improve my English skills. After a

while, I had an opportunity to do a nurse assistant course which helped me to move to

a different level and the salary was higher, but it was not what I dreamed of, I expected

more, of course that depended on my efforts, my goals were greater.

Otherwise, better opportunities appeared in my life. For example, I began to work with

senior people in an assisted living; I feel like being at home in that place, they are without

families around them and there is when I feel with the power of give them love and

Comprehension. In addition, my supervisors are kind with me, the associates that work in

the company are excellent human; we work as a team at all times. All my concerns

are the patients while I’m at work, I try to give the best of myself to offer them the right

care that they deserve. Second, I studied a dialysis course and I am...
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