The Stagnation of Spanish Tourism from the Point of View of British Tourists

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Honours Dissertation

SESSION 2009/10

Stagnation of Spanish tourism from the point of view of British tourist

Supervisor: Ros Sutherland


I declare that the work undertaken for this BA Dissertation has been undertaken by myself and the final Dissertation produced by me. The work has not been submitted in part or in whole in regard to any other academic qualification.

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The purpose of this dissertation is to inform about the stagnation of Spanish tourism from the point of view of British tourists, to identify and analyse the reasons of this stagnation and try to find possible strategies in order to improve this situation in a near future. This dissertation examines the literature review in order to analyse the factors which have something to do with the stagnation. The factors that the researcher has considered are: the life cycle of the Spanish tourism, the 2000’s recession, Spanish image, Spanish sustainable tourism, Spanish rejuvenation, British perceptions and an analysis of external and internal factors (PEST and SWOT). Two forms of reseach were used to collect primary data. On one hand, some questionnaires were handed out and mailed to British people. On the other hand, two semi-structured interviews were used via email and Skype. One of the interview was conducted to doctor of Marketing in order to be proporcionated information about the promotion of Spanish tourism in the UK and diverse topics which was very usuful to contrast with the data researched in the literature review. Secondly, the Tourism councilor of Villarreal was interviewed in order to have some information about the promotion of another kind of tourism in Spain, such as rural, religious or gastronomic tourism which was used to create a Marketing Plan. Once primary and secondary researches were analysed and contrasted, some main findings and discussions were considered in order to complete this dissertation with a conclusion and some recommendations.

Firstly, I would like to thank my supervisor Ros Sutherland for her continuous support and guidance over the entire period of work on my dissertation. Furthermore I would like to show my appreciation to all participants of the questionnaires, who spared some of their time to answer my questions and especially to Antonio Martinez-Sirvent and Ana Delfi who were taking part in my interviews and spent long time to answer my questions. Last but not least I thank my family and friends for their support during my entire period of study. I am really grateful to my brother Jose Miguel and my best friend Adrian Campos-Perez, for having helped me that much in the distance; to Silvia Gomez-Rey, for having been the intermediary of the interviews; to my flatmate Paula Bernad-Beltran for her marvellous patience and understanding as well as her help especially in last days; and my friend Matt Jenkins, who spent long time so that my English skills did not look that bad.

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References: According to Montaner (1996) it is not possible to talk about tourism until the end of the V Century with the union of the Catholic Monarchs, the proper tourism known nowadays did not arise until the XIX Century as a result of the transport revolution.
However, although it is said that this crisis/recession could be finished in 2010 (noticias economia, 2008), it has affected direct or indirectly to the whole tourist sector of the country.
It is remarkable that Spain and Spaniards have some strong stereotypes for European and specially Britons which has remained for long time and still does. A research realized in 1996 (Lamo, 1996) under several sources, enhance some curious statements:
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