The Spirit of Christmas(a Short Essay))

Topics: Christmas, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: December 22, 2012
The Spirit of Christmas
----A simple analysis of A Christmas Carol

Christmas is a symbol of the God’s love to mortals. On this day, God gave his only son to the Mortal World, which brought gaudete and peace. For the Christian, the significance of Christmas is sharing the love and peace with each other selflessly. At the mention of literature about Christmas, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the most famous one. It is a story about how the selfish businessman Mr. Scrooge changed into a generous and kind person. It is usually regarded as a typical Christian story of making one’s way. Mr. Scrooge used to be a hateful but also a pitiful man, harsh and cold to others, and short of sympathy, which had driven his girlfriend when he was young and made him lonely when he was old. However, he was very lucky to meet three ghosts, who helped him remind his happiness before he became miserly, see the poor people around him and his tragic fate at last. He caught the last chance of his life and became a good man, lived a happy life with his friends and relatives. The changes of Mr. Scrooge is the interpretation of the most important themes in the Bible: virtue and sin, sin and redemption and death and regeneration. The people around Mr. Scrooge reflect more about the Christian spirit. At first, no matter how badly Mr. Scrooge treated them, his clerk Bob’s and his nephew’s family all blessed him on Christmas Eve faithfully. Just as his nephew said, “ It's sad to think of him sitting alone in his cold room.And so I'm going to invite him every Christmas. He can be cross and miserable if he likes,but I'll go on inviting him and one day perhaps he'll think better of Christmas!” We should love others as ourselves, although they may be bad or evil, that can not be the reason that we do not love them. This year’s Christmas is coming near. Though this festival seems more and more popular in China, for most of us, it’s just a time for joy and chances of all kinds of...
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