The Spirit of Christmas

Topics: Christmas tree, Prince, Death Pages: 4 (665 words) Published: September 10, 2013
The Christmas Spirit

Characters- Julia Dowling
The Visitor ''Jack''
Beth Dowling
Aunt Rosemary
Uncle Bernie
Paul Dowling
Melissa Rosen
Father John Brennan
Matthew Harris

Auther- Fredrick Stroppel

Plot- In the Play ''The Christmas Spirit'', written by Frederick Stroppel the

story starts with the main character Julia in her favorite chair listening to

classical music which makes her become very sleepy. Fast asleep the music

quickly becomes louder, and goes into a news announcement that quickly

wakes her, in the report they tell of a earthquake that killed three hundred

people in Pakistan. Julia feels empathy for the lives lost, and heads up stairs

to bed, she claps her hands twice for the lights to go out, they do but only

upstairs, she tries again, and the lights downstairs go off but upstairs remains

on. Julia goes downstairs to see the problem then out from behind the tree is
a man. This announces why he is there, and for whom, he states that he is there

to take Julia who is going to die in three minutes. She later on manages to strike a deal with death, and asks him, ''have you ever celebrated Christmas'',

he responds with ''No, I’ve never celebrated anything''. So then she invites him to

dinner with her family tomorrow, in order to extend her life time. On Christmas

Day she has her family members rush over to have dinner, ''Aunt Rosemary,

Beth, Uncle Bernie, Father John, and Melissa Rosen, and Matthew Harris

all family that Julia hasn't seen in a long time. When Death arrives he prefers

to take on the name Jack Frost, he also brings along a suicide victim, Matthew

Harris. They all go; throughout the day with the family finding out things about

each other, and what Jacks true identity is. Everyone in the family attempts

to throw their life to death to trade for Julia, but death wont allow it so he allows

her to live until...
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