The Spartan Military

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The Life of A Solider in the Spartan Military

Mark DeAngelis
History 101
November 21, 2011


Thesis: When looking throughout history military has been noted as the strong point in a civilization, the Spartan way of life was based off their vigorous training methods, and ruthless fighting tactics.

I. Birth of the Spartan male child
A.) Discuss deformities if they had any
1.) What they were caused by, certain plagues, spreading diseases, unsanitary reasons.
a.) What they did with the child if it had any deformities.

II. Vigorous Youth Training
A.) They were taken from their mothers at age 7 and trained until age 20. 1.)Types of training methods, there conditioning, and physical training. a.) Different tactics and mentalities they were taught.

III. Entering the Battlefield
A.) They were deployed at age 20 to fight in battle.
1.) In many cases they would fight side by side with brothers and or their father. a.) They were expected to fight for Sparta without any justification or mercy.

IV. Allowed to marry at age 30


A.) Due to their commitment to the battlefield they would not be around much for the raising of their children or nourishment to the wives.
1.) Stealthy visits, meaning the soldiers would be extremely low key to even visit or be with their wives for one night.
a.) Much dedication was based on fighting for their families and protecting mother Sparta.
B.) They would be allowed to discharge from the military at age 65 if they wanted to. 1.) This was rare because most soldiers died in battlefield during there time enlisted.

V. Tactics
A.) The Phalanx Formation- classical style in a single line uniformly deep in files of 8 to 12 men.
1.) This was so effective due to their disciple and strong physical training. a.) They are taught this tactic in their basic training stages as young boys. VI. Spartan Armor and Weapons
A.) There armor consisted of a bronze breast plate, a helmet with cheek plates, bowl shaped wood and bronze shield.
1.) The shield was very heavy and protected the solider from chin to knee, throwing their shield or “hoplon” was an indication of retreat. B.) Their primary weapon was a spear or “ doru” typically 7-9 ft. in length. This has a leaf shaped spear head with a spike at the opposite end called the “lizard killer”


1.) Secondary Weapons were a sword known as”xiphos” which was about 2 ft. in length.
a.) Also a “kopis” or short sword was used in battle.

VII. The Spartan Military Legacy
A.) Spartan warriors have been inspired by many throughout history. 1.) Their relentless battles like that of Thermopylae were they battled a huge army of Persians with only 300 men.
a.) Much inspiration has been built from there unwillingness to give up and to fight until the death.

VIII. Conclusion


The Life of A Solider in the Spartan Military

When looking throughout history military has been noted as the strong point in a civilization, the Spartan way of life was based off their vigorous training methods, and ruthless fighting tactics. Dating back to the year “650 B.C.E. the small Greek poleis known as Sparta changed forever due to their pressure of population and land hunger.”1 They launched a war against Messina eventually conquering them temporarily until they revolted. This is when the Spartan society had to reconsider their way of life. This is when they decided they are going to transform their city into a military academy and camp. Starting in the late sixth century B.C.E. control over the Spartan from birth came into effect. This is when the officials of the state would decide which infants were physically fit to survive. After the inspection if the child was noted as deformed or imperfect, they would be thrown of the cliff known as Mount Taygeto’s also known euphemistically as “ The Deposits.” 2 This was a symbolism of perfection that was the only thing accepted in Sparta. They would even go to the extent of matching top military...

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