The Sound of Night

Topics: Photography, Typography, Book design Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Term| Definition| Visual Representation |
Cover| Fist impression- sets the stage for the theme and info held within.| | Endsheets| The heavy paper between the cover and the first and last pages. Often compliment the cover and/or contain the table of contents.| | Title Page| Reiterates the theme and provides critical reference info: school name, address, and student population.| | Opening Section| Introduces the story of the year and explains the book/theme concept. | | Dividers| Indicate new sections and provide continuity throughout the book. | | Section| Are the coverage areas of the book: fall, winter, spring, people, seniors, ads, sports.| | Closing| Finishes the story of the year and brings the book to a close.| | Dominance| Making a content element significantly larger so it becomes the focal point.| | Eyeflow| The goal is to keep the reader moving from element to element.| | Hieracrchy | Creates order and indicates importance through size and placement.| | Contrast| Opposing elements spark the visual interest.| | Caption| Placed to the outside: left,right, above, or below photos.| | Content Module| Display for quotes and photos, highlighted with a pale color.| | Cut-out background photo| COB: the cut-outs are placed on a pale color block to define the space.| | Dominant photo| Noticeably larger than the other photos: design further emphasized by partial COB.| | Drop cap| Serves as an entry point; font matches secondary headline.| | Expanded spacing| A “rail” isused to separate the dominant photo from the other content modules.| | Eyeline| Horizontal alignment of elements across the design links the pages into a unified spread.| | Folio/folio tab| Indicates the page number and content; features a small photo to add reader interest.| | Primary headline| Large, catchy, and enhanced with color; makes a verbal connection to the dominant photo.| | Secondary headline | Provides...
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