The Soul

Topics: Soul, Mind, Metaphysics Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: October 24, 2014
The question of the truth and knowledge of soul and its peculiarity in form is a highly debated issue in philosophy. Does the soul exist? How can one find their souls? Since the soul is not physical, can we connect with it? Numerous theories of nature and existence of the soul have come up as an attack on the belief in its existence after death. In his Republic, Plato argues that the soul consists of three basic energies which animate human beings: Reason, Emotion, and Appetite. Reason is given the greatest value, while Emotion and especially Appetite are regarded as the lower passions. The soul that is ordered is governed by Reason, and therefore keeps one’s emotions and one’s appetites under control. The lower passions must submit to the dictates of Reason. According to Plato, the soul is placed inside the body at birth, after it has travelled from the realm of the forms. When it arrives in the body, it forgets the forms which enable a person to be moral and live a meaningful life. Plato’s idea sounds convincing. However, a soul can be many different things depending on where you live, religion or beliefs you adhere to. For me it’s an interchangeable work of some sort of spirit. In fact, not because it sounds so attractive doesn’t mean it exists. That might be the very reason why it was invented in the first place. I for one would love to have a soul. I would love to be assured that some part of me lives eternally after I die or get reincarnated into something else. I have never been shown any evidence or proof that such a thing exists. This is a power a faith that many people have compared to my faith in pink unicorns. It is evident that things that were inexplicable is now been explained through increase knowledge or improvements in science. In addition, there are no specifications to whether embryos have souls. At what point does a person develop a soul? What about the thousands of frozen embryos which effectively cannot function. Where is their...
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