The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Why Can't We Stop Circumcising

Topics: Circumcision, Penis, Foreskin Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Reaction Paper #2
Why are more infant boys circumcised in the United States than in other English speaking countries? The author, Robert Darby, poses this question in his article “the sorcerer’s apprentice: why can’t we stop circumcising boys?” He claims that circumcision is an unnecessary and irrational behavior. He concludes that economics, cultural norms and ignorance play a part in why this practice is more in the United States than other countries. Statistics shows although many other countries practice of male circumcision has diminished, the United States population still maintains the tradition. The author claims that circumcision serves as an economic aspect in our society. Through survey’s, the author found that circumcision is more common in areas where it is funded by health insurance. Since the procedure is not expensive for parents to have done, then they are more likely to circumcise their sons. Even though there are some long term complications for poorly performed operations, there has never been an adequate assessment of them. Not only do doctors benefit from the performing male circumcision but lawyers and plastic surgeons receive money when the procedures’ outcome is done poorly. Lawyers collect when a patient claims malpractice when his surgery is performed badly. The author reports that “one” attorney who specializes in medical malpractice sees one such case a week. Although the author “proved” that poorly done circumcisions are common, he did not give accurate statistics to properly make this conclusion true. It is true that repeat operations and repair jobs are common but, the author neglects to show actually how common these procedures are. Another economic purpose of circumcision is that baby foreskin is used in biomedical products. The author concludes that the reason that this operation is still alive is that hospitals use the foreskin to make profit on commercial products. Selling baby foreskin in medical products...
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