"The Somebody" by Danny Santiago, Analysis

Topics: Fiction, Protagonist, Short story Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Being a teenager nowadays is not as simple as it was a century ago. Emancipation, Sexual Revolution, Capitalism, and Technical Progress made our lives easier on the one hand and created many problems on the other. Parents, working hard, both are paying less and less attention to their children, despite the fact that in their teens it is attention that becomes crucial. The government, at the same time, being aware of all the problems teenagers are facing, practically is doing nothing to help them. Chato De Shamrock, the main character of the short story written by Danny Santiago, happened to be in the similar situation. Lacking parental attention, as well as attention from other matures, such as teachers and other representatives of educational system; he starts feeling lonely and is convinced that no one can help him. He’s also having problems in communication with other people, especially with girls, what can be noticed from the incident with Crusader. If anyone ever cared, Chato’s life could be different. Just like the fifth-grade teacher inspired and taught him to write, someone could inspire and teach him to live. Chato presents himself and tells about the day he decides to “quit school” and “start writing”. Having problems in the family, missing his gang and their street that now is almost destroyed, upset, he wanders about the streets of LA alone, writing his name beautifully on everything he sees, and thinking about life. Hiding from Sierra gang he comes in the Boy’s club, where he has a conversation with the owner, which already makes no sense for Chato, so he goes out to the streets again. This time he notices a heart drawn with a lipstick around his name. Soon he finds the author, Crusader, and even fights with her. Moreover, Chato declines her offer to work together; instead he continues his roaming and writing alone, reflecting on the new ideas about his life and fame. The title of the text represents a one-word title that informs...
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