The sold my sister English paper

Topics: Primary school, 2007 singles, Primary education Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 21, 2013
''They sold my sister'''
Dear Tumuka

I hope you're doing well and that work isn't too hard. As you already know farther sold Nyamalo to Ole Sirayo. Farther said that it was out of our hands, because he ''owned'' her and he fells that it is just a tradition. Now Nyamalo has to live the rest of her life with a man she does not love, and quite frankly she feels disgust towards him. Now, a few days ago i heard farhter talk to Ole Timau. They discussed a few different things, but at last Ole Timau mentioned that he had interrest in marrying me! When I heard it, my world froze still, and slowly I saw it fall apart. Piece by piece it grumbled, and I was terryfied. I am not going to marry anyone before i'm a lot older, and i've finished school. Especially not an old bearded man with a big gut. What ever it will take, what ever I have to do, I will not allow this to happened. If it means rebelling against farthers will, I will do it. If it means running away, I will do it. If it means brining shame upon our family, I will do it. Although I hope there is a better and more substaniable solution. After all i'm only 12 years of age. I would hope to be able to finish primary school. It would create so much opportunity for my future. Tumuka, please convince dad that me marrying Ole Timau is a bad idea. Please tell him that it would be foolish not to allow me to finish school. And since he dosen't listens to me, try to tell him, that if he wants any kind of relationship with any of his children, hopefully you included, he does not sell me to some old creep. And if all else fails, I hope you, as my older brother, could take care of me. You could work here, in your old village, and I could live with you. That way I could finish school and not be forced to marry Ole Timau. I know this may be hard, but when I get older, and I've finished primary school and maybe even a higher form of education, I'll also be able to make money. And who knows, maybe some day in the future we...
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