The Social Structure of Societies

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Sociology Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Social Structure of Societies
Society is a group of people who share a common area, culture, and behavior pattern. Society consists of various occupations of individuals, government, education, and health care. Society is a group of individual living and working together. Society is the place where we live. Society is a relationship among groups. Society is a structured community of people. Society is the way in which the people in a country are organized. One’s essay will explain the social structure of America’s society by identifying the class system that are based on personal income, education obtained, and occupation status. The top level in the American class system is the upper class . These individuals own land, stocks and bond, and other assets. Their wealth is calculated by assets owned or by inheritance. These individuals represent institutional leadership head of Multinational Corporation, foundation, and universities. The next class in the system is the upper middle class. The middle upper class are well-educated individuals who represent scientific and technical knowledge careers. Upper middle class individuals have both high income and social standing. Probably the largest class group in the United States. The last level of middle class is lower middle class. Lower middle class individuals provide support for professional individual. These individual usually obtain a clerical or administrative support position. The working class is the next level below the lower middle class. The individual are craft workers, laborers in factories, nursing home staff, repair shops works, and delivery services. The last level of class in the American society is poor. These worker work full time and still cannot obtain the necessity of life.
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