The Social and Economic Benefits of an Immigration Reform

Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: December 18, 2013

The Social and Economic Benefits of an Immigration Reform
Luis Burgos
AFR 125 – Race and Ethnicity in the United States
Dr. Carl Paris
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Immigration reform has been a cornerstone on the last three presidential campaigns, on Bush’s second term and on both of Obama’s. It has the power to turn around an election because it would automatically grant the Hispanic vote to the candidate that commits to the best plan. At this moment, an immigration reform would bring great improvement in the economic status of the United States bringing a bigger workforce and an increase in population that would mean bigger revenue for the government. Along with the economical capacity that approving an immigration reform, it also brings a wave a culture that would enrich the basis of the foundation of the United States, diversity. An immigration reform can open the doors for many professionals that could refresh the ideas of the United States and provide with a different perspective of the solutions out there for the problem we face. An immigrant is defined as a person who leaves his home nation and goes to a foreign one, usually permanently, in search for an improvement. There are a lot of push and pull factors that encourage someone to leave their homeland. Economic difficulties, religious or ethnic persecution and political unrest are some factors that push immigrants from their nations, for example, some immigrants from Syria can flee their country in fear of a civil war pushing them to another country. The perceptions of a better life ahead or a desire to join their family abroad are factors that pull immigrants to other nations, for example, a Mexican immigrant that leaves her country to reunite with her husband in the united states now that he has established himself better . The economic status in the United States is a shaky one at this moment. The government has had to force itself into shutdowns because they cannot...
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