The Snowman

Topics: Adult, Adulthood, The Point Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: November 3, 2014
The poem “Snowman” was written by Gu Cheng. The poem tells the story of a child who built a snowman at someone’s from door, to take his place when he was gone.

From a literal point of view, the poem tells of a young boy who built a snowman at his friend’s doorstep, to replace him. However, he recognized the snowman as a poor substitute, and thought it stupid. His friends stuck a lollipop into the snowman, where its heart might have been, to try and cheer it up. The snowman did not become happier, but instead melted away in the light of the spring sun. What remains is only a small puddle, which a bee buzzes besides.

However, when you look beyond the literal, the poem can represent many things, many stories. One possible viewpoint of the poem is that of someone who has grown up, and with regret, realizes that he is not at all what he dreamed of being. Many children have dreams that, to an adult, may not seem realistic. These children, however, live in a sort of blissful oblivion-a world where in which, if you put your heart to it, anything can be achieved. In reality, however, this isn’t always the case. No one can have all that they dreamed of having.

For me, the poem starts the story at a point where the adult with unfulfilled aspirations is still at a point where he thinks the situation is still, somehow, salvageable. I think it would take place somewhere in the early years of the speaker’s adulthood. Maybe the speaker has taken up a sort of profession. One, that at least he tells himself, is only temporary, and that it will have to do until he can get the proper training, or resources to be what he has always dreamed of being. The snowman (which, to me, is what he is doing with his life) that he built at the front door, would represent what he is doing at the moment. He thinks that it is stupid.

The second stanza takes place when he is a bit older, but still young enough to possess a bit of that childish hope. He realizes, perhaps, that it is a...
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