the snail

Topics: Dream, Poetry, World Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: October 6, 2013
"Little snail, dreaming you go, Weather and rose is all you know. Weather and rose is all you see,Drinking the dew drops...Mystery." This is a poem that our teacher showed us to begin our unit of poety. This poem not only talks about the life of a snail but makes reference to the author and how he feels he is living his life. THe poet feels traped and alone. He is. Sad because he has never seen the world and only knows what he knows he hasnt had the oportunity to live the way he always dreamed he could. For example qhen the poet states "dreaming you go.." he is not talking about the snailhe is making reference to himself and about how he day dreams of what really is out there in the "unknown" world he lives in. This poem really speaks to you and has lots of thought put i to it and is made so that everyone can understand the loneliness and emptiness that the poet feels . Also when the poet says " little snail" he is speaking of himself as little and alone. When he said" weather and rose is all you know" he was making reference to his curiosity of what lies beyond his reach.overall, i find this poem is mind boggling but true. There are ao many wonders out there in the wprld for us just waiti g to be discovered and most of ua only get to see what lies in front of us because we never take that extra step of walk that extra mile to reach the destination we've always dreamed of.
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