The Smiling Factory: Disney

Topics: Management, Formal system, Walt Disney World Resort Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: November 11, 2006
Culture vs. Control System
It¡¦s not a coincidence that employees at Disneyland appear to be most universally attractive, good looking and clean, with bright smiles and optimistic personalities¡Xit is the image that Disneyland seeks to maintain and identify with the society. Control system is carried out well within Disneyland, not only because it has been well designed by its founder, but the fact that the employees whom are monitored believe the top managers do care about the results, thus employees are willing to follow and pay attention on the rules. Interdependence between Culture and Control

Once on board, employees at Disneyland will act in a relatively uniform and predictable way, due to the strong organization culture which is supported by formal rules and regulations.

It may seem at first glance that the management style in Disneyland is ¡§military control¡¨, for example, they even stipulate the usage of certain ¡§language¡¨ at Disneyland. However, nobody ever complains about the stringent regulation, instead, Disneylander are so willing to follow the Disney rules that they even watch over each other without protest. This is the charm and power of Disney culture. The Charming of being the Disneylander

Disney University gives the employees¡Xeither the full-timers, part-timers or the new hires who are still in training¡Xa sense of belonging. They recognize the Disney rules, identify themselves as being the great component/product of Disneyland, internalize the Disney culture, and provide full support and adherence to the organization. ƒÜEveryone¡Xchild or adult¡X wants to go to Disneyland. To work at Disneyland is a sense of recognition, honor and identification with the peers. ƒÜEvery Disneylander follows the Disney rules spontaneously: one derives from the compliance with the organization, another comes from the skin-close supervision from the supervisors, still the other comes from the ¡§invisible¡¨ overseeing between each...
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