The Smartphone and Tablet Industry

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Apple. Това е плана.Става да пишете по-малко след което съответно ще бъде преглеждано корегирано и така до завършването. Около 50 60 страници. Анализ на маркетинговата дейност I. Увод-цел и задачи I. Кратка характеристика. История създаванеII. Анализ на маркетинговата дейност.1. Маркетингов Микс-анализ на стоките-анализ на цените. Анализ на логистиката и дистрибуциятаАнализ на комуникацията ( какви пазари се предлагат, филиалите). До колкото знам в Китай имат център където се сглобяват. Трябва данни от тази година задължително, Те са едни от водещите в момента на пазара.Анализ с други фирми- какво те предлагат какво другите, партнират ли с някой, подбиват ли и тн Заключение.

Executive Summary
Smartphone and tablet industry
This section provides an overview on the smartphone and tablet market with an overview on critical areas and factors such as the political, social, technological along with the threat of substitutes, intensity of competitive rivalry and bargaining power of suppliers. Followed by an industry life cycle, the maturity phase of the smartphone industry and the growth phase of the tablet one are established. Strategic Audit

The strategic audit concentrates on the tangible and intangible resources that Apple has. Key financial ratios are analysed to and the financial stability over the last three years is seen, in order to establish the financial position of the company. Intangible assets are one of the key benefactors for the company with its ecosystem, secrecy policies and patents. The value-chain shows a non-integrated structure which has proven to be cost saving for the company. In addition the famous leadership and power and politics is seen which has contributed Apple to becoming what it is today. Stakeholder Issues

This section identifies the different types of stakeholders and their needs. A brief analysis of the PR issues are linked to the Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Practices. The CSR strategies that Apple incorporates are outlined. The Reputational Matric shows us what the company is aiming at present time. Strategic Options

The process of expanding and innovation is never ending, and in order for Apple to continue to be the market leader it has to continue doing both. With the change of stakeholders need the company will always have to make some adjustments to its strategy, but maintain its general view and mission. Strategic options are suggested after analyzing the findings from part one, two and three using a SUITS analysis.  

Apple has come a long way since its near bankruptcy in the 90’s and has proven to be one of the most innovative companies to have ever existed. The company has managed to revolutionize products such as the mp3 player and mobile phone. It has also re-introduced and successfully develop tablet PC’s despite the initial ones being a creation of Microsoft. As the smartphone and tablet industry becomes more competitive, Apple will seek to keep its position as market leader and possibly further expand to reach new heights. The following report provides an overview of the industry followed by an internal strategic audit which seeks to analyse Apple’s condition. The already established view for Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics is applied to the needs of the stakeholders relating to the several tragic incidents which damaged Apple’s reputation. Lastly a suggested plan of strategic options for improvement is made after a SUITS analysis.  

The smartphone and tablet Industry
The following section aims to analyse the Smartphone & Tablet industry through subjecting different factors to a PEST, Porters-5-Forces and Industry Life Cycle analysis. PEST
Smartphone and Tablet manufacturers are exposed to some political...
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