The Sixth Sense

Topics: Shock, English-language films, Psychology Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: November 16, 2006
The sixth sense

The film I am writing about is the sixth sense. It is on the opening scene. The film is directed with experience by M night shyalaman.
In the first scene he uses a broad and clever range of techniques to cause suspense and shock. The first scene hosts an important bundle of events. Malcolm and Anna Crowe come home from an awards ceremony, at which Malcolm has received an award for his perseverance and effort in child psychology. They arrive at the house in high spirits and maybe a couple of glasses of wine inside them. They enjoy a short conversation and a glass or two of fine wine in their lounge, before entering their bedroom only to be confronted by one of Malcolm's ex-patients Vincent Gray. He argues with Malcolm and brings up the topic of their old meetings and Vincent demands Malcolm had wrongly diagnosed him.

In this review I am going to go into detail the dialogue, acting, soundtrack, camera shots and the sets. Because I believe these are the things that cause most emotion.
Te first subject I am going to talk upon are the acting scenes as I believe these have most relevance on the subject of emotion. The first scene involves Anna entering the basement and taking a bottle of wine down in the basement there is an eerie felling given out by good directing, personally I believe this scene . The lounge scene adds the effect of shock after later scenes reveal a turn around. The acting is good in this scene it shows that the couple are happy and enjoying an evening together. The third scene is that of the bedroom scene with Vincent Gray .In this scene the two talk of the days when Malcolm helped Vincent with his parents break-up and Vincent tells Malcolm that the false diagnosis of himself was what had driven him insane, Vincent insisted that there was more wrong with Vincent than Malcolm made out to be.

The different sets and rooms are used very well in this film for instance the basement, a dark place that is associated with horror...
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