The Six Thinking Hats

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The Six Thinking Hats Exercise


The Six Thinking Hats Exercise
Focused Problem Statement
In today’s times a lot of organizations have started realizing the need to cultivate the culture of social responsibility in their organizations. Towards this end, they have made CSR activities an integral part of their employee performance evaluation schemes. However India lags behinds as far as CSR activities is concerned. So our focused problem statement is –


Indian government should make CSR activities mandatory for all organizations operating in

India. Discuss.”

The Six thinking Hat Exercise
We conducted the six thinking hat exercise using the following steps: Step 1: We took a vote in favor of the idea presented. Step 2: Selection of blue hat and deciding the sequence of hats and the timing used for each of the hats Step 3: The hat sequence and timing was followed as directed by the blue hat member. Step 4: The Six Thinking hat exercise ended a vote was again taken in favor of the idea presented. Step 5: The blue hat concluded the meeting. Next we shall discuss the detailed process. Step 1: Prelim inary voting in favor of the idea.

The initial votes were 5 in favor of making CSR activities in organizations mandatory and 5 against the idea. Step 2: Role of Blue Hat
The Six Thinking Hats Exercise | 8/12/2012

Aditya Bagri was selected as the blue hat. He decided on the following sequence and timing for the hats Sequence Hats 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 White Hat Red Hat Yellow Hat Black Hat Yellow Hat Green Hat Red Hat Timing 2 min 1 min 2 min 3 min 3 min 3 min 1 min


Rationale For the choice and Sequence of hats  WHITE HAT: We started off with the “WHITE HAT” because we wanted to first think about the topic objectively, try and collate all the data that we had available on the topic before we went into a subjective analysis of the topic. Once we started getting opinions from other team members we knew that we would start getting biased.  RED HAT: We followed up the white hat with a “RED HAT” to get the initial instinct of the group, so that we understood what way were we biased before beginning the discussion. Doing this helped us to understand that even without presenting the arguments we already had certain preconceived ideas in our head.  YELLOW HAT: We realized that all of us had instinctively decided against the idea and in order to counter that initial bias we started off with a “YELLOW HAT” so that we as a group were forced to concentrate on the positives of the idea.  BLACK HAT: We then focused on the negative aspects of the idea using the “BLACK HAT”  YELLOW HAT: we realized that we had a lot more negative aspects to the idea than positive aspects so we decided to put on the “YELLOW HAT” to ensure that there were no positive aspects of the idea which had been overlooked by us.  GREEN HAT: We used the “GREEN HAT” to thoroughly analyze the alternatives to the idea presented.  RED HAT: We concluded using the “RED HAT” to see how much our instinct or gut feeling had been changed by the discussion in the group. Step 3: Conducting the meeting using the Six Thinking Hat Technique

Based on the sequence and timing decided, we discussed the following points in each of the hats. WHITE HAT:  Statistically speaking what is the number of organizations in India as opposed to those in rest of the world who have actively adopted CSR as a part of their company culture. This data is needed to draw comparisons and determine whether India is really lagging behind.  What is the impact created by CSR in the Indian society? We need data on this to determine the viability of making CSR activities mandatory in India.  Has any country made CSR activities mandatory? If yes what was the impact of this move. YELLOW HAT:  This move will help to reduce the burden on the...
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