The Single Story By Chimamanda Ngozi

Pages: 4 (958 words) Published: January 18, 2018

Being a young mexican american you sort of get used to people jumping to conclusions about you. They see how the ones around you act and behave, then they get the impression right away that you are nothing but the exact same. That one story can have many impacts but leaves many holes and people forget the good. This is the single story. Ones delusions becomes another's title. Soon everyone is now familiar with that person or group and really only the people within the group know the missing pieces.
In the video of the single story by Chimamanda Ngozi she speaks of a boy named Fide that was her families house boy. She only knew what her mom told her, and that was that his family was very poor. She seen a beautifully patterned basket Fides brother had made and was startled, because she had only heard of the family as poor and didn't know what the family was actually capable of, because it was hard for Chimamanda to see the family in any other way then a family that needed more support. Because of their poverty she let it become their single story and didn't realise it until she learned more about the family.
There was another story that was aimed at ngozi. Her college roomate had only one way of thinking of Ngozi's ethnicity...

His parents didn't know the person damien was or who he was becoming. I once watched him and couldn't stand to even look at him because I saw a kid who listened to no one, and cared about nothing. Then when I heard both sides of the story I was surprised. I then asked why he was failing most of his classes and he replied, “ the problems I have at home I carry to school.” I had no idea my cousin was going through the depression he was going through. His mom and dad were split up and he hated the step mom he was living with that told everyone the stories of him. You can be stuck in the delusion of a single story and not even realise it. His own parents were putting him in danger of this single...
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