The Simpsons

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The Simpson’s can be role models for anyone!

Anyone has an opinion on the Simpson’s if they are positive or negative role models, I think they are both, positive and negative, I think the positives are Marge is guiding her children to be successful in life, try not to get in trouble with the police or law, and Lisa is very intelligent and has a prefect standard for other children. The negatives are that Homer strangles Bart if Bart does something wrong, and Bart is always in trouble at school, home and basically anywhere.

Homer is round about a normal American dad he has a job, he goes to the pub and spends time with his children, but he doesn’t actually work at his job instead he sleeps, he drinks way to much and eats to many doughnuts.

Marge is a kind, caring mother who loves her kids. Her past isn’t the best out of the families, she has been to jail for shoplifting a pen, but she wants to forget about that so she’s trying to bring her kids up very well.

Bart is a troublemaker he is in trouble nearly all the time at home and at school. At home when he does something wrong his dad would strangle him which I think isn’t fair. His sister Lisa is brilliant at school work so I think he is jealous of her, and wants to get attention from his parents.

Lisa is a very intelligent eight year old girl, she is the best in all her classes. Lisa loves nature, she would never hurt nature, she is a vegetarian so not much animals will get hurt. Lisa doesn’t have many friends because no one wants to be her friend because they don’t want to be friends with a geek.

Little Maggie is the last person from the Simpson family, she is a violent baby, she attempted to kill Mr Burns, Homer saved Mr Burns. Even though she is violent when Homer is hurt she rides on Santa’s little helper, to rescue her dad.

The Simpson’s have a meaning even though they are a cartoon, and they have four fingers that are yellow. The TV show, shows people that no family is...
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