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The Simpsons and lessons on environment
The Simpsons is an animated television show, created by Matt Groening in 1987. The Simpsons shows a simple family in a small town in the middle of America, which is called Springfield. The Simpsons shows some environmental problems that might be caused by human activities. This show may make significant changes on some issues of culture and society through comedy. Ann Marie Todd the author, made claims about the environmental rhetoric of The Simpsons. When one makes an analysis of the show, there are hilarious scenes that can be seen from the social order through symbolic action, popular culture imagery as social commentary. The rhetoric of visual argument, the environmental politics of the Springfield nuclear power plant, Springfield’s other creatures, the role and fate of animals in the Simpsons, and Environment as ideology is appoint well articulated and the show is a state of art. The Simpsons shows negative actions that affect the environemnt and animals to help changing the behavior of the audience. The comic frame that transcends the social order through symbolic action, the human or social behavior can be improved by showing the action of comical characters (Todd, 136). Burke states that the comical characters make it possible for people to watch their behaviors and to be aware of their actions (qtdin Todd), 136. Presenting the negative actions and how they can be solved through comical characters in the show might influence the perception and actions of individuals. Burke syas that frames can help scholars to discover forms of comical characters in order to show the problems of the current system and find a way to get public realization (qtd in Todd, 137). This fact is credible because it was shown in the episodes of The Simpsons. This evidence is educative and persuasive about keeping the environment safe and the role of all stakeholders. This evidence when implemented will help them to achieve great results...

Cited: Todd, A.M. Green [The Environmental Rhetoric of Simpsons]. ED. B. Rollins & L. Bauknight Southlake: Fountainhead Press, 2010. 133-153.
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