The Simple Gift

Topics: Hmong people, Clint Eastwood, Frustration Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Belonging to a group of community can provide opportunities and disappointments. Belonging is described as being properly or appropriately placed . The poems in the free verse“The simple gift” demonstrate the ideas and struggles of belonging. The novel is simply the journey of a young man by the name of Billy and his hunger to belong to a society which will not disappoint him as his father has .The film gran torino directed by Clint eastwood also shows the opportunities and disappointments allowed by belonging to a community.

The main character of “The simple gift” billy is unsatisfied with his original community which he sees as a disappointment that he was a part of ,“ ….shithole lonely downtrodden house in long lands road ,Nowheresville” vulgar language used in “shithole” emphasizes the extent of billys dislike and disappointment towards long lands road. This ends up wilth billy taking control and moving out. Even with out many resources billy manages to gather a feeling of belonging in his new found town of Bendarat .Encountering opportunities along the way. Such as his encounter with Ernie the friendly train driver“There are men like Ernie and there are men like my dad”, the use of juxtaposition of billys dad and Ernie creates contrast and emphasizes Billy’s like for Ernie’s character and value.The main reason for billys like of earnie is that ernie makes billy feel like he belongs.

Billy has an initial feeling of worthlessness and a lack of control over his destiny “ wait for the three whistles to dump me in another State”. the negative verb emphasizes billys low self worth and lack of emotional support in his community. This is one example of how belonging to the wrong community can lead to disappointments.

Korean war veteran walt Kowalski struggles to cope following the death of his wife Walt faces a challenge belonging in his hometown as the Hmong people have moved in to his previously white neighborhood. Walt is not very keen on this...
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