The Simple Gift

Topics: Perception, Short story, Novel Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Explore how perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influence by connections to places. In your response refer to the prescribed text and at least on other related text of your own choosing. For many if not all individuals, belonging is a complex challenge involving identity, relationships and connections to places and the greater world. It is an unpredictable dynamic aspect of life that can complicate a person’s attempt to bond with their surroundings, or can help enrich new relationships in a new environment. This is evident in the contemporary verse novel ‘the simple gift’ and Tim Wintons short story ‘neighbours’ where characters in both texts ……. The simple gift demonstrates a journey of a teenage boy, billy who leaves his lonely abusive home and becomes homeless in attempt to belong. The novel communicates the idea that belonging and happiness are linked and that sometimes for an individual to find belonging, they must go on a journey to find it. Journeys can be a trigger in new perceptions allowing one to search beyond and find their true sense of belonging. Billy’s home life provoked his withdrawal that he decided to leave home and venture into the world himself. In his journey he finds somewhere he can fit and feel comfortable with, somewhere he can call ‘home’ this is indicated when he says “it feels like a home where I can look at and not be afraid of who sees me or who I see” this further emphasises that perceptions influence an individual’s sense of belonging to a place. . it was his relationship with his violent uncaring father “ hard backhander… as if nothing had happened” and his dissatisfaction in ‘nowheresville’ that was a barrier in allowing billy to belong as his discontentment there led to his choice to not belong and thus caused his inevitable search for a sense of belonging. For billy, ‘home’ is not about where you live or where you go about your daily business, but it is about the people you spend your time with. In...
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