The Simple Gift

Topics: The Age, Michael Leunig, Community Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: March 19, 2013
English Speech
The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick is a book containing many of lives challenges dealing specifically with a verity of ideas and values that will aid us in answering the question, ‘A sense of belonging and identity can emerge from an individuals’ connection with others and the community’. Steven Herrick has formulated in his novel a sense of connection between three complex people with completely and utterly different backgrounds. Herrick dives deep into a controversial would of adult depression and young love through the eyes of a stereotypical society providing each reader with new understanding of identity and belonging in conjunction with unusual circumstances. To ensure a reliable answer to the question, my chosen related material is of the same nature, accept being contrasting. Michael Leunig’s cartoon from ‘The Age’ (18 August) newspaper displays a disconnection of people, community and society. The simple gift by Steven Herrick explores many aspects of belonging and identity, many of which emulate real life scenarios of connections formed with individuals and community. Herrick offers diverse ranges of identities that change in the characters throughout the book. The poem ‘Too Rich’ explores Caitlin’s initial perspective of life. It shows that she is considered successful in the eyes of society, which is materialistic, however still valued by society all the same. ‘’Bendarat Grammar School’’ and the uniform are symbolic of a conforming society. They represent the idea that one must be successful and rich to be part of a materialistic society. This is implying for Caitlin to feel a sense of belonging she must from an identity that is correct in the eyes of society. Herrick explores the importance of relationships to individuals by exploring deep into the characteristics of humans to discover that through relationships, we develop our personal sense of belonging. “Trying to act as though nothing had happened even though we both knew it...
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