The Similarity between My Teacher and Me

Topics: Education, Teacher, Pittsburgh Steelers Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Summer was finished and school was beginning. I had just reached my final year of High School. All of my peers were so excited that our class is almost out of the building forever. Of course I wanted to be noticed by my fellow classmates and by every other student. So I groomed and dressed my very best every day. When I received my schedule I searched for the rooms that I was assigned to. I eventually reached the first class and there sat my teacher. He was approximately five feet nine tall with an expensive suit. It was obvious he was seasoned; He only had gray hair surrounding the back of his head like a moon crescent. Without a giving the teacher a chance to prove himself to me, I believed I was going to dread coming to that class every day. My mind had thoughts dancing around, telling me that I would not enjoy this class or the teacher that was going to make my school days absolutely dull. Once everybody arrived to class the teacher started to address himself. “Hello class, My name is John Lauren and I will be teaching you Literature, said the teacher.” He continued to explain his syllabus and I became more and more wearied. Thenn he began to tell his interests and part of bits about his life.

He informed us that he was from Pittsburg and his favorite football Team is The Steelers. Right then and there my heart jumped a little bit because we shared a similarity.
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