The Significance of the Lemon Law Act

Topics: Lemon law, Automobile, Law Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: March 13, 2002
It happens many times. A person finds the car of their dreams. They drive it around for a few weeks when it happens. The car will not start, it makes a funny noise, or the breaks just will not do anything while stepping onto the pedal. Does the person have to pay for the repairs all by themselves? And if so, what happens when the exact same problem happens more than 3 times? It is just not fair to pay all this money on your brand new affordable car. But, one should not worry. There is a solution to all these annoying questions one just does not know how to answer. This is how the Magnuson –Moss warranty act comes into this situation. The "lemon law" is a subdivision of this act. The Magnuson-Moss warranty act, when tied with the ‘lemon law,' helps a person of the purchased new car, ensure that they will have the rights to have a properly functioning car. The following will explain what exactly this law is and how it is applied to the state of Nebraska. What exactly is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act? Cartalk explained that the act can be defined as the following. For any product that has a written warranty, if the product or any part thereof contains a defect after reasonable number of attempts, by the warrantor to repair the defect, the warrantor must either provide a refund for or replacement of the product. Autopedia explained that this is applied to any product that one can buy that does not perform, as it should. They went on to say that the magnuson-moss federal law protects the buyer of any product that costs more than $25 and comes with an express written warranty. This law can be incorporated with cars very easily. When the magnuson-moss warranty act and the lemon law tie together, the results greatly effect the rights of a car buyer. This statement was expressed both by Autopedia and Cartalk. This law guarantees a car buyer that a certain minimum requirements of warranties must be met, and provides for disclaimer of warranties before purchase, told...

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