The Significance of Study the English Writing

Topics: Crusher, Writing, Linguistics Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: May 16, 2012
English writing is a basic skill in English learning, which plays a very important part in written communication. There are a lot of errors in English writing such as grammatical error and structural error. However, the lexical error is the most serious. The basic motivation of this study is mainly out of the following considerations: 1) provide some useful and serviceable data for teachers’ reference. This study is based on corpus, so the data is more authentic and objective, which avoids subjective misunderstanding.2) try to find a way to make English teaching and learning more fictively. Nowadays in china, the vocabulary teaching and learning is not that effective. And English writing is a weak part for English learners, especially at lexis. This paper focuses on lexical errors in English writing of English majors, which can expound how to improve quality of English writing and avoid lexical errors in English writing. 3) this paper aims to find out how many kinds of lexical errors in English writing and the main causes of them, and then try to provide some useful suggestions for lexical teaching and learning, which can improve the whole quality of English teaching and learning. So it is expected that this paper can give contribution to the Chinese English education to some extent. The objectives of this paper are: 1) to find out how many kinds of lexical errors made by English learners in English writing. English writing plays a significant part in English learning and the quality of English writing directly reflects the practical ability of English majors. According to the survey, the author finds that there are still a lot of problems demanding prompt solutions in English writing. 2) To analyze each of the lexical errors and try to find the main causes of their occurrence. In order to study the lexical errors in English writing, the author established a corpus based on English Composition of English majors (sophomore and junior students) in Henan Normal...
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