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The significance of Internet

By Leucochloridium Dec 05, 2013 524 Words
There is no doubt that the Internet has had a massive impact on the lives of everyone who has access to it. It is a truly fascinating phenomenon because if the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, the majority of people would struggle to manage without it. In the following I assess the significance of the internet for my education, what is a good example for the phenomenon of the dependence on the internet today

The Internet is for me as a student, very important for my education because it helps me in almost all of my assignments and researches. Because of the internet i don't need to buy books or go to to library just to search for some of our assignments. The Internet has quickly replaced the library as the main source of school research for me and all other students.. The main advantages of the Internet are that it is available all the time and do not need to leave the home. Furthermore I have thousands of different web sites to select from. Even encyclopedias are on line, that I can retrieve information from. This information is updated and expanded constantly, so that iam able to be up to date. That is a big advantage of the online encyclopedias to the books, because if I want to have new information in a book, I have to buy a new one and that could be really expensive and sometimes is the organization of a new book really tiring.

Particularly in the linguistics subjects, I’m able to translate unknown words and expressions in the internet with online translation sides. This way is much faster than if I would use a dictionary.

In addition to that, these online translation sides allow me to listen to the pronunciations of words in different languages. Another point is communication
In the internet iam able with just the click of a mouse to become connected to someone who is in another city or even halfway across the world. Distance is erased within seconds and country boundaries have come crashing down due to instant messaging services such as MSN, emails, video and voice chat programs such as Skype and the webcam. Due to this fact the internet allows me to stay in contact with my teachers and classmates and because communication is an essential part of education, the internet is today indispensable for me. For example iam able to ask my classmates or teachers questions, so that I can immediately solve a problem with their help at home. If they cant help me, I can ask me friends in Australia for advise, I will get an answer immediately. the distance doesn’t matter, only the GMT offset could be a problmen. All in all the internet is important to me for several reasons; I use it for home, school, and entertainment. The internet makes it possible to do certain things quick, cheap and easy, that would otherwise take several days. Above all The Internet has truly revolutionized the way that the world communicates. Finally I can say, that if the internet would disappear tomorrow, I would probably be lost.

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