The Significance of Human Resource Information Management System

Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: August 15, 2010
HRIMS Significance of the Study
The significance of Human Resource Information Management System is to manage the information well that will make the job easier, guard the confidential information and lessen the manual workload. Organizations began to electronically automate many of the processes by introducing specialized Human Resource Information Management Systems. HRIMS is one way that a lot of companies or institutions use to manage everything easily and become even more productive. Having this system in a company of institution could help the human resource team to become more organized and practice being practical in the workplace.

Automation - is an application of information technology to the typical clerical and secretarial tasks such as communication, correspondence, documenting, and filing.

Buddy Punching - is an activity that will significantly impact your profitability. Tardy and absent employees will have their co-workers "Punch" the timeclock for them.

Employee Profile – it includes the information about the employees. Employee Self-Service - allows employees to query HR related data and perform some HR transactions over the system. Employees may query their attendance record from the system without asking the information from HR personnel. Evaluation - is systematic determination of merit, worth, and significance of something or someone using criteria against a set of standards. Human Resource Management Information System (HRIMS) - refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology.

Payroll - automates the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, and generating periodic pay checks and employee tax reports. Recruitment - is the process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner....
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