The Significance of Commitment in the Development of Team Goals

Topics: Committed, Commitment, Player Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: April 3, 2008
I am Committed
We have daily activities that every one of us must get done, from schoolwork and jobs to taking care of ourselves physically and working out. These personal duties we have can be seen as commitments that we have made for our personal good. But I am committed to something much stronger then a friendship or a work relationship we may have. I am committed to a team, this personal commitment is an act of dedication and sacrifice that I have made to fourteen other guys, and to a basketball program that has a history of players with this same commitment. Just like a marriage is a commitment of two people for each other, we have that same level of trust and respect for the man next to me and the player next to him.

When I came into this basketball program I had high hopes for my personal goals and my personal ability I wanted to achieve while on this team. Then as my red shirt year came to a close I could honestly look around the locker room and say for every teammate in the room I would sacrifice myself to help them out in anyway I could. This strong “brotherhood” that is created within this team comes from the hard work that we put in and knowing that everyone else is putting in the same work. This changed my view of what I can do for myself, to these other guys deserve all that I can give and every play I can make. My team commitment came from the respect that I had for them because of their daily dedication and how hard they worked for the good of the team first, and then the development of their personal games. When older players take the time to explain to me how I should play and how I can improve what I do, they are committed to the team first. The Wheeling Jesuit program has a history of non selfish players that are hard working teammates and not so much looking for personal accolades. Knowing that my teammates are here for the same goals as I am helps me push myself when I do not want to, and helps us push each other when every one...
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