The Sick Rose

Topics: Red, Invisibility, Marriage Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Q1. What does the rose signify here in the poem The Sick Rose? Ans1. The rose is a beautiful flower. In the poem The Sick Rose the poet chooses the flower rose to signify all that is tender, beautiful and admired by man. The rose also signifies the tender feeling of love which has made life possible on earth. The rose can also be taken as a symbol of innocence. Q2. Why is the rose sick? /What is the poet trying to say by describing the rose as a ‘sick rose’? Ans2. A rose cannot be sick. The rose is a symbol of all that is beautiful and attracts attention. It is the beautiful and the innocent that becomes the weakness of an individual and a society. By describing the rose as a sick rose the poet is trying to say that the soft target has already been hit. The rose is, therefore, ailing. It is not aware that the sickness is about to brings its end. Similarly, love and innocence which are tender and impressionable are sick. They are deteriorating and they are unaware of the poison that is working inside them. The poet is trying say that the deteriorating standards of love and innocence is about to bring the decline of human civilisation. Q3. What does the ‘invisible worm’ signify? / Why is the worm invisible? Ans3. The invisible worm signifies the negative force. A worm succeeds in hiding its presence till it is discovered. It takes a cover to avoid detection. But even while hiding it carries on with its work of eating into the earth and into objects. Similarly, the negative force, in the form of vices, works under cover like a worm. Invisibility is the only way to carry on its work of destruction unhindered.

Q4. What do the ‘night’ and ‘the howling storm’ signify? Ans4. Night signifies the dark and the evil forces. It is usually during night that criminals engage in their illegal and amoral activities. Night also serves as a cover for the followers of evil. Therefore, the invisible worm that eats into the rose chooses night as the apt time to initiate...
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