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The Sick Rose

By gokcendogar Dec 14, 2012 579 Words
Connotations of words
Little clues
How can it be sick ?
The qualities of humanbeings
Giving human-like qualities
The Sick Rose
* Sick
* Songs of experience
* Badness
* Unhealthy
* Depressed
* Infected
* Imperfection
* Aware or not?
* The rose is sick.
* Personification
* Rose
* Nature
* Beauty
* Exotic
* Love
* Romanticism
* Female
* Perfection
* Innocence
* Smelling good
* Corruption of love
O Rose thou art sick
* Starting with”o”
* Calling and addressing someone or something
* Praying
* Pity
* Having mercy
* Apostrope
* Describing the situation
* One of the character is Rose in the poem
The invisible worm
* Invisible worm
* Young insect (insidious)
* Loose cannon on rolling deck
* Emotions are high and overated
* Something harmful for flowers
* Mystery
* Damaging rose
* Unclear
* Destroying nature
* Male
* Imagery of ugliness
* Threat
* Decay
* Snake or serpent in story of Adam and Eve
* Disease
* Damging purity
* Corruption
* Infection
* Imperfection
* Fall of humankind
Flies in the night
* Flying
* Danger
* Power
* Night
* Danger
* Mystery
* Darkness
* Secret
* Hidden things
* Violence
* Badness
* Scary
* Fatal
* Hell
* Demons
Howling Storm
* Howling storm
* Gloomy atmosphere
* Scarying
* Badness
* Danger
* Crying
* Shouting
* Rain
Has found out thy bed
* Bed
* Sleeping
* Having relationship
* Sexuality
* Lover’s bed
* Natural flower bed
* Metaphor of
* Found out
* In a while
* Breeze away
* Came out the blue
* All of a sudden
* Attention
Of crimson joy
* Joy
* Pleased with the situation
* Happy
* Crimson
* Emberresed
* Having a red skin
* Sin
* Regret
* Shame
* Guilty
* Virginity
* Crimson Joy
* Annoying but not unhappy
* Ironic
* Regret
And his dark secret love
* Is it real love ?
* Can love be dark?
* Dark Secret Love
* Ironic
* Unclear
* Mysterious
Does thy life destroy
* Death
* Purity is gone
* Unhappy
* Regret
* Doing bad things
* Be reduced to ash
* Corruption
* Desturiction
* Second Stanza
* Describing the event
* The end
* First Stanza
* Describing teh atmosphere
* Giving the mood of poem to the readers with words
* Creating a setting
The Voice of in the Poem
* Third person
* Describing the situation, atmosphere and events
* Sharing an experience
* Intriguingly
* Mortality
* Rose’s death
* Losing innocence
* Violence
* Destroying innocence, rose
* Dark secret love
* Sexuality
* Unromentic
* Love
* Not excepted
* With force
* Dark and secret
* Content and Summary
* There is a sick rose which is destroyed by a worm
* Characters
* Worm
* Rose
* Setting
* Howling storm
* In the night
* In bed
Sense, Mood and Tone
* Gloomy
* Unhappy
* Depressed
* Scary
* Mysterious
Literary Features
* Pesonification
* Allegory
* Imagery
* Symbol
* Metaphor
* Irony and paradox
* Dark secret love
* Sick rose
* Crimson joy
* Imagination
* Rose and worm
* Induviduality
* Loneliness of rose and worm
* Night
* Storm
* Secret
* Invisible
* Intution
* Dark secret love
* Crimson joy
* Feelings over intution
* Inspiration
* From nature
* Rose(unspoiled)
* Worm(spoiled)
* Beauty
* Exotic place
Language and Power
* Inversion (almost every line)
* Short hitting lines
* Simple and understandable word choice
* Only 17 words
* Monosyllabic words(invisible, howling, crimson, secret, destroy) * Biblical References
* Oblique and Nursey Rhyme
Language and Belief
* Full of human nature (Adam and Eve)
* Secret things
* Disobeyed God
* Having sin
* Serpent
* Virginity
Poet’s Purpose and Intercultural Links
* Innocence -> Experience
* Spoiled nature
* Incurability of people being deforced for sex
* Regret
* Both side of nature and world
* Having no real love
* No happy ending love
* Damaged people or real in society
* Corruption of human love and sexuality
* Pre-industrail England
* A fall from state of innocence
* The fall of mankind, human nature
* Moral corruption
* Own passion
* Illuminated border and illustrate typcal self publication * Shame and guilt in attitudes to sexuality and physicality which bring sickness and death to life. * Reflection
* Hiding
* Repression of rules, parents and Church
* Selfhood
* Love is not always good
* Love is not gained without any pain
* Love is pain

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