The Shortcoming of Vietnamese Educational System

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Education is the root of development of every country all over the world and Vietnam is not an exception. But after what I had been experienced I thought that Vietnamese educational system is still weak. It's weak because of so many problems that exist on such as bad teaching quality; lecture does not go together with practice and high tuition's fee. Furthermore, the training is not linked with students' majors. And those problems will ruin the Vietnamese educational system if they don't change.

Nowadays, so many Vietnamese students complain that what they had learned are just lessons. Most of the time, they have mutely sit with dull eyes and insipid faces for listening the lecture. In that situation, can teachers recognize their students understood what they had learned? It is not easy for teacher discover how much students understood by what they were taught. Students can't even raise their hands to express their viewpoints and have no courage to ask for more information when they have not understood something. In other words, they are afraid of teacher would criticize them if they are wrong. After that, we could see how bad the Vietnamese teaching quality is.

Not only bad teaching quality but also the lessons don't go together with lecture. The Vietnamese educational system focuses so much on academic theories but ignore applying them into practice. They just give out exams after lecturing time, and they don't even think that students truly love what they learning or they just study to pass the exams. For example, we can give a ninth grade mathematic problem for a sixth grade Vietnamese student to solve, and he could do it easily. But when we tell him to do a lab's report for biology or chemistry, he can't do it. Also, most examinations only require students to remember what they take notes in class. This encourages learners to learn like a parrot not students, and then after leaving the examining rooms, these "parrots" remember nothing.

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