The Shortage of Skilled Workers in the Australian Mining Industry

Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Good morning/afternoon to fellow my peers,

Today I will be speaking to you about the issue about “The Shortage of skilled Workers in the Mining industry“which is a vast concern and a common problem in Australia. Mining Companies in Australia are having a difficult time of hiring employees; the reason for this is caused by shortage of skilled workers. With the continuation of the Australian economy growth, plenty of mining projects are being open; however the demand of hiring has increase. Firstly I will be explaining what a ‘skilled shortage is’, which is a significant meaning to the crisis in the mining industries. According from the definition of Shah and Burke (2003): Firstly, “A skill shortage exists when the demand for workers for a particular occupation is greater than the supply of workers who are qualified, available and willing to work under existing market conditions”. “Secondly, the recruitment difficulty, where a business finds it difficult to fill a vacancy, even though there is not a broader skill shortage. This may due to the characteristics of the business, the location or the skill set required for the position. Thirdly known as a skill gap, Skill Gaps occur when existing staff do not have the skills for the required positions.”

It is another year for the Australian mining and hiring is a huge and series matter and should be taken seriously, and we need to look for solutions. Despite tons of minerals is constantly being find, nevertheless the search for skilled workers are difficult. And why you might question. Australia is currently the thirteen’s biggest economy in the world and has a massive mining industry, and ‘did you know mining industries in Australia is one of biggest contributor that assists our economy?’ It has one of the richest resources in the planet and biggest exporter of minerals to overseas countries that are in high command of minerals like China, and America. However, this is where the downfall for mining companies,...
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