The Shipping News: Jack Buggit and Quoyle

Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: February 16, 2011
The Shipping News
Jack Buggit & Quoyle

In the novel, The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, several characters contribute to Quoyle’s transformation. Early on Partridge gives Quoyle a friendship figure during his toughest times, but he abruptly leaves and their friendship is reduced to the odd phone-call or letter (he does however get Quoyle the job which was crucial). His aunt Agnis Hamm gives him the push he needs to start his new life but she comes into his life only because of his fathers death, seeking revenge on his ashes, Petal treated Quoyle and their daughters terribly, but Quoyle was almost foolish for holding on to the false hope between them and she forces him to the point where he has nothing left to lose. Dennis and Beety help him greatly by looking after his daughters, making them comfortable and helping them get accustomed to their new life. Tert Card makes Quoyle a better journalist and able to cope with everyday bullshit because of his office antics like changing his story to suit his likings. Wavey shows Quoyle that there are good women in the world. But nobody plays as much a vital role in Quoyle’s transformation as Jack Buggit does. He affects Quoyle’s life in a sort of indirect way, behind-the-scenes. Jack makes Quoyle a more responsible person, forces him to confront his problems, and makes him an overall more confident, wise and stable family man.

First, Jack makes Quoyle a more responsible man. Quoyle has little to none worthwhile experience as a reporter. He never gains any ground or valuable knowledge in Mockingburg as a reporter because he is constantly being hired and fired by his boss who favors family in the workplace. Jack sets expectations for Quoyle from the first time they meet. At one point Quoyle is unsure of what to write in the Shipping News and Jack simply tells him if he knew what to do he would write it himself. This forces Quoyle to take the reins and get his hands dirty, something he seems to have not done much of...
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