The shattered

Topics: English-language films, Family, 2000s drama films Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: December 15, 2014
The shattered “house”
By: Ariella Barishansky
It is clear from the text in Alice Walker’s “Everyday use” the Johnson house is a focal point of this short story. (subject) Why does the story focus at great length on their physical house and give lengthy descriptions about it. (question/problem) To answer this question, I think we should look at this specific passage’s descriptions of the house, understand the details on a deeper level and explain the details in correlation to Dee’s relationship with her mother. (approach) The central focus of this story is the relationship Dee has with her family, the events that occur, and the way her family responds and reacts to her in these situations. Familial issues and conflicts is a clear theme through out this story. The passage that I have chosen to analyze closely describes the Johnson house at length as broken and run down. I connected the Johnson’s familial conflict with the physical issues of their home. I think “the house” symbolically represents Dee’s broken relationship with her mother. In addition, the damaged relationship Dee has with her mother primarily exists due to the lack of respect she has for her mother as an authoritative figure and her mother’s lack of control over her.

Body paragraph 1: explains my subject- the focal point of the house in this story, the physical descriptions in my passage.
The Johnson’s home is a focal point in this short story. The author goes at great length to describe the house in detail. The specific passage I did a close reading of and analyzed in particular describes the house as being old, broken and small. It is similar to the previous house the Johnson family lived in. The house has three rooms, no real windows, shutters on the outside of the house and pasture-like. The author quotes, “It is three rooms, just like the one that burned, except the roof is tin; they don’t make shingle roofs anymore. There are no real windows, just some holes… with rawhide holding...
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