The Shark Net

Topics: Murder, Eric Edgar Cooke, Homicide Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: September 6, 2010
It might as well be Africa, the suburban areas of Dalkeith and Nedlands are both regions of Perth that are established along the Swan River. The quiet suburban area appeared calm to anybody who lived or visited there, the community is close and any changes throughout the neighborhood big or small would become rumors and spread as quick as a plague. But under that peaceful image lies the dark and horrible truth, the life of Eric Edgar Cooke. Western Australia’s worst serial killer Cooke lived in the peaceful suburban areas of Perth, many say he killed to seek revenge, others just claimed that he killed for the excitement. Cooke had been a resident of Nedlands but from day one he was an outsider, Cooke tried to fit in but after constant rejection it turned him to believe that the whole world was against him. Eric Cooke the husband of Sally Cooke and the father of his two children, one autistic and the other missing from her elbow down, had considerable reason to believe the world was against him; the insults and the embarrassment of his nickname “Birdmouth”. Horrible memories are brought up when mentioned to Sally Cooke about the life of her past husband, she recalls him going out on a Saturday night not letting her know we he was going. “He would leave and return in the early hours of the morning sometimes even wet, at the start I was worried, I felt betrayed that he had been out with other women.” “But as time went on, it became a normal occurrence and I became more immune to the feelings.” Sally couldn’t believe that a person she had known, a person she had met in the Methodist church, a person she married and vowed to spend the rest of her life with was a murderer. The feeling she described was incomprehensible. Sally described Eric’s life; she said that he had always spoken about how his dad beat him as a child; how he was bullied during his schooling years for his hair lip and a cleft palate and when our children were born Eric thought the whole world was...
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