the settlement of texas

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The Settlement of Texas During the 1820s and 1830
Texas has a long and rich history and the period during the 1820s and the 1830s is no exception. During these years Texas was settled by Anglo American and other colonists. Why was Texas land opened-up to Anglo Americans and other colonists? How did this change the face of Texas?

Texas land was opened-up to Anglo Americans when the State Colonization Law of March 24, 1825 was passed in an effort to people the land that is now known as Texas. While the Mexican government sought to encourage its own people to migrate north into Texas, it also allowed the immigration of Anglo Americans into Texas. This 1825 legislation was also strategically passed to promote the farming and ranching and to stimulate commercial activity in Texas. The strategy, although allowing the immigration of Anglo Americans into Texas, gave priority to Mexicans in the land selection. The immigrating Anglo Americans received incentives for coming into the Texas wilderness in exchange for their pledge of loyalty to Mexico.

The duty of allotting land was designated to immigration agents known as empresarios. We learned that during the years 1821 and 1835 a total of forty-one empresarios were signed permitting 13,500 families to come to Texas. One of the forty-one empresarios was Stephen F. Austin. Although some Anglo Americans were allowed to enter and settle designated areas of Texas, many were entering Texas illegally. Mexicans became fearful for their unprotected Texas borders. Anglo Americans had heard of the vast lands that laid in the great Texas expanse and many were settling in it. As Anglos settled in Texas, the Mexican government grew concerned as many were coming in with American ideas, and as for those Anglo Americans who were allowed to enter the land legally, they were not taking their Mexican nationality seriously. Many Anglo Americans were taking unoccupied lands, engaging in crimes, and violating...
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