The Session Layer of the Osi Model

Topics: OSI model, Internet Protocol Suite, Transport Layer Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: August 27, 2010
A Glance at the Session Layer of the OSI Model

Throughout the history of networking, one model has stood the test of time for providing not only insight, but also a foundation by which all networking systems utilize in some form or fashion. The seven layers of the OSI model, which stands for Open System Interconnect, are: Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data link, and Physical. These layers are the framework for networking, because they represent the roadmap, rules, and process that every message must adhere to when it is sent across networks. Just as a package is sent from UPS or Fed-Ex with a routing number, a sender, a receiver, an address, and many other things that are involved with the delivery of the package, the same principles can be applied to networking messages or packets by using the OSI model. The Session layer of the OSI Model, “Provides the control functions necessary to establish, manage, and terminate the connections as required to satisfy the user requests,” (Beasley 123). This layer is in direct contact with the user through the different interfaces and the connections can be managed and manipulated in many different ways. For instance if I wanted to terminate my connection because of a severe thunderstorm there are a bunch of ways I could do that. I could pull the plugs; I could disable the router then power it down and power down my switch and then power down the rest of my network. If I operated ITT-Tech’s network and in order to control the employees’ use of the internet and to keep them working, I could put a filter using barracuda on all websites that wouldn’t pertain to work related subjects. It would manage their use of the network and keep them focused on their work. These are just several examples of the Session layer of the OSI Model in action. The OSI model interacts with protocols that correspond with each layer and help regulate and manage the network communications. There are many protocols which work...
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