The Seduction

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Analysis of the Seduction by Eileen McAuley.

The seduction is poem written by Eileen McAuley it’s about a young teenager girl who is filled of thoughts of love and romance by teenage magazines which misleads to have sex with a boy after meeting him at a party she then finds out three months later that she is pregnant after discovering the news of the pregnancy she blames teenage magazines for what happened that night and the pregnancy she then goes into state of depression which causes her to want or be anything than to be pregnant.

I think that the boy in the poem is trying to get the girl drunk, ‘He handed her the vodka’ this quote proves that he is trying to get the girl drunk one reason why he is doing this might be that so he take advantage of her because the alcohol effects her decisions and might cause her to agree to things she normally wouldn’t.

In the second verse the boys calls the girl a little slag ‘he muttered little slag’. This shows us that the boy has no respect for the girl and thinks very little of her.

The poem then talks about how the boy buys her more drink ‘As he brought her more drinks’ I think that the boy is trying to get her drunk because he buying her more drinks.

In the poem the boy mentions that he goes down to the river when he should be in school or having his dinner with a bag of paint thinner ‘a bag filled with shimmering, sweet paint thinner’ This shows that he doesn’t spend much if any time in school and that he uses the paint thinner as a drug.

I think the girl in the poem is young teenager and enjoys school and wants to well in her education I know this because she talks about her education in the poem ‘About O levels she’d be sitting in June’ this proves my points.

We know the girl in the poem reads teenage magazines because she mentions it ‘Reminded of numerous stories from teenage magazines’ this shows that she reads glossy stories from teenage magazines that might influence her.

The girl in the...
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