The Secret River Imaginative Text

Topics: Jean Renoir, Hawkesbury River, I Decided Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: October 20, 2014
I don’t think I will ever get used to this heat as the beaming sun blazed onto my face and I felt my body beginning to give way as I struggled to pull the crab pots out of the Hawkesbury River to see if plumb mud crabs were going to be our supper tonight. As I took my handkerchief out of the bodice of my dress and wiped the dampness from my brow, I decided to take a brief break and placed myself onto a rock that was partially shaded by the large branch from the old grey gum tree. As I gazed out at the muddy, winding banks of the river, my mind wandered to how I now call this land home. When dear Will started his job working on the Hawkesbury River, I was not aware of how much he had grown to love his new environment until that day he returned home from one of his work journeys, travelling up and down the river. The rapture of his face as he described with great excitement the piece of land he had sighted as he came around that bend, the land I’m now sitting on. I always had disregarded his dream of claiming a piece of land along the Hawkesbury River but eventually one day he wore me down with his descriptions of the natural beauty of the areas along the river and the lifestyle we could achieve there. I understood in his mind, this was his chance to become a respectable man in the community that he could never have achieved back in London. I so believed Williams’ promise that one day we would return and purchase a small house in Swan Lane that I decided to make the most of our new life in Australia. I remember the sheer disappointment I felt when we first arrived late in the afternoon at what we now call home “Thornhill’s Point”. As I took my first step onto the soil of our new land, my stomach dropped as I glanced at my surroundings. There was dense bushland on one side where strange animal noises came from and the sparse fields on the other. I couldn’t believe that this gentle slope was now my home. When we awoke the next morning I really noticed for the...
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