The Secret Admirer

Topics: English-language films, Debut albums, Eye color Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: November 4, 2008
The Secret Admirer
"Sorry I'm late; I missed the bus."
"No excuses, you know the drill." Mrs. Funkey said with disdain, as she stared me down from her desk in the front of the room. I stood in the back of the classroom the whole period. Once the bell rang, I ran out, trying to avoid talking to Mrs. Funkey about me being late again. I walked to my locker to find a conspicuous white envelope and rose taped inside. "What do we have here, could it be a secret admirer?" My best friend Savanna had just walked up behind me.

"Shut up." I opened the envelope and read the letter. By the look on my face she could tell I was puzzled.
"So what does it say?" I handed her the letter "A rose as red as your lips my fair queen... signed The King." She spoke as if she were speaking Shakespeare. She gave me back the letter looking just as perplexed as me.

"Are you seeing somebody I don't know about?" she conjectured.
“No. If I was do you think I'd be looking like this?" I said pointing to my face.
"So I was right, you do have a secret admirer." she said proudly. I balled up the letter and threw it and the rose in the trash; I could care less about some dumb letter. I went straight to class leaving Savanna behind to stare at the trashcan.

I hated my next class, only because I had to sit next to one of the Wetovick brothers; they have been terrorizing me since the 6th grade. They have always disparaged me in front of everyone. I walked into the class, none the less, still thinking about the mysterious letter and rose.

"Auto, what’s wrong?" said Jake with a deleterious voice. I walked past him and sat in my seat. Unfortunately it was right behind his, "Did you see your face in the mirror again... I know it gets me down everyday."

“Then turn around and you won't have to see it." I said bitterly.
“It’s okay Au--”
“If you call me that one more time”
“What are you going to do about it AUTO!” he shouted, I extended my hand back and slapped him hard across...
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