The Search to Discover Who We Are Is One of Life’s Greatest Challenges.

Topics: Self, Self-concept, Identity Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: August 25, 2011
The search to discover who we are is one of life’s greatest challenges.

William James has stated, there are three types of selves exist in order to form one’s identity. The material self, which is simply the physical appearance of that person. The social self, how the person looks like in other’s view. The spiritual self, which only the person himself can know. These variety parts of our identities, some we know well, others we’re yet to uncover. Therefore people begin searching. Here come the challenges that we must undertake in order to gain a sense of self. The sacrifices of identity in order to join into a group, disappointment to other’s misunderstand and loneliness. Stories from Alice Pung’s ‘Growing Up Asian in Australia’ and poems by Bruce Dawe have introduced the anecdotes of many people’s lives experiences to prove that how the journey of finding identity is tough.

Blend into a group to find out who we are is a challenge for some people if they are carrying too different identities from others. Through the process of belonging, it is not only the way people seek for love but also a way people find out the more hidden part in their identities. When we fit in, we see ourselves reflected in others. The way we cost of fit in will be huge if two’s identities are not in common. A migrant and an Australia born Vietnamese. Theses two women who carry the most different identities live together as a family. Diana, the protagonist from the story ‘Five ways to disappoint your Vietnamese mother’ who identify herself with the environment of Australia. Her payment for fit in the environment that she feels belong is to sacrifice her family with different ways to disappoint her mother’s wills, who is the only family member Diana left in this world. The same payment reveals in Snake’s decision to give up his sister and father’s lives to belong to the gang. His extremely different identity to the gang is been discovered by King ‘The others will tell you you’re in...
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